URC 2015 #2 A book released the year I was born


Its a sweet book, a mother-daughter story.

The daughter was told throughout her childhood and adolescence that her mother was no more but actually she was in prison, found guilty of murder. Then they meet after about 20 years.The story is basically about how Kelsey (the daughter) confronts the truth about Naomi (the mother), tries to understand Naomi’s point of view about the murder case she was involved in and the reason why she kept her existence a secret, rebuilds her bond with her mother and at last proves to the world that Naomi wasn’t a cold-murderess but had killed in self-defense. Not only the basic story was beautifully depicted in words but also gave a good insight about thoroughbreds, derbies and everything that happens in the business of horses (Naomi had a horse farm and sent her horses for derbies); something I didn’t have the slightest idea about.

My rating: 4.5/5

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        1. You outlined the plot of this one well enough. Perhaps not in as much detail as some reviews, but longer than many I see on Amazon. 🙂

            1. Heen’a certainly done a lot of reviews so she is well experienced and knows how to cover the various aspects of plot, characer and so on. Galit is too. She reviewed both of my books for ‘The Reading Bud’. They use a common formula to cover the different aspects and are very good at it! I liked your review, anyway. It told me enough to know that the plot looks interesting.

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