Conspiracies of Language

Though it’s language or, more appropriately, speech that makes humans different from other mammals or animals in general. But it is language itself that brings differences among the humans. Though I’ve been staying in Bangalore since a year and a half, I still don’t understand it’s chief language Kannada. Neither do I understand the other popular languages – Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Yes, I agree it’s my fault, I should have taken the initiative.    Because I didn’t know Kannada, the localites didn’t misbehave with me, that’s a good thing. I have been managing to survive here with my knowledge … Continue reading Conspiracies of Language

Bangalore or Bengaluru

Thanks to my english professor that you find me writing this prompt. It’s been only one and a half years since I came to Bangalore. Just after I few months I arrived, officially the city’s name changed to Bengaluru. Bangalore sounds fancy, the name sort of reflects the city’s cosmopolitanism. But Bengaluru sounds quite traditional. Actually, that’s what the government wanted. Kannada speaking state capital should sound Kannadiga. The people wanted the name changed for a long time, it was Bengaluru for them since quite some time. But I wasn’t here then. What I see now, whether it’s a cosmopolitan … Continue reading Bangalore or Bengaluru

Word of the Week (WOW) 6th December, 2015

Word of the Week is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. It’s a fun way to learn new words every week. To participate just make a post with your word and leave the link as a comment to Heena’s WOW post. Funambulist /noun/ fyoo-nam-byuh-list / An acrobat who performs on a tightrope or slack rope Synonyms tightrope walker Origin Late 18th century: from French funambule orLatin funambulus (from funis ‘rope’ + ambulare‘to walk’) + -ist. Example sentences 1. She works as a Funambulist in the local circus troop For more new words check out Heena’s page Word Treasure Continue reading Word of the Week (WOW) 6th December, 2015