Word of the Week (WOW) 5th July, 2015

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kaput\adjective\kä-, –ˈpüt

1.broken and useless; no longer working or effective.
2. no longer able to continue : completely ruined or defeated
3. hopelessly outmoded
1. “the water pump’s broken, kaput”
2.once the Germans were forced to retreat from Stalingrad, the Nazi cause was kaput3. hard-line Soviet-style Communism became kaput in Russia

late 19th century: from German kaputt, from French (être) capot ‘(be) without tricks in a card game’; compare with capot.
   dead, done, doomed, finished, done for (also kaputt), ruined, sunk
 antonyms  functional, functioning, operable, operant, operating, operational, operative, running, working

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        1. It could be that’s it’s just a common word around where I live, Priya. I’ve used the word for years and I like it because it sounds like its meaning – irrevocably broken.

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