2015 had it’s own set of ups and downs… It was a year of experiments, some phases came up in my life… I took up the Ultimate Book Reading Challenge by popsugar.com. I tried so many new authors, New genres, broadened my reading IQ. (Ultimate Book Reading Challenge 2015) I went for a trek for the very first time in my life. Though I’ve got bronchial asthma, I managed through my breathlessness to climb up and down a hillock (first time I was aware of the muscles I didn’t know existed, even my buttocks pained, cause I feel hard on … Continue reading 2015!!

Friends for Life

Yesterday I cried the entire day. Why? I felt alone, lonely, isolated. I felt like leaving the city of Bangalore and going back to Siliguri, my home. My tears wouldn’t stop flowing. Everyone in class were staring at me. Some would ask, ” what happened?” I would say “nothing”. They would turn their faces. Two of my friends from school (who shifted with me to the same college, to the same class) were the first ones who remained adamant and wouldn’t budge until I spoke my heart out. I told them. I felt ignored. I felt everyone dislikes me. I … Continue reading Friends for Life

The Joy of Meeting one of my favourite authors

On the 10th of July, 2015, I went to a book launch. It’s the first time I got an opportunity to attend a book launch event. It was the launch of the most talked about novel “Scion of Ikshvaku” by Amish Tripathi. The book had released on June 22, 2015. Thanks to Amazon.in I got to read the book that very day. I was reading Tripathi’s debut novel “Immortals of Meluha” and the latest one at the same time. I really loved his perspective of the Indian Mythology. I started admiring his writings. So, naturally I was excited about the … Continue reading The Joy of Meeting one of my favourite authors

Jingle all the way

December holidays. No tickets. Can’t go home. Holidays gonna be super boring, that’s for sure. Disheartened. All of a sudden I remembered my aunt had once asked me to visit her place in Hyderabad. But……………. there had to be a problem. I can’t go alone. Daddy will never allow that. I had got no other choice but to approach my cousin. Sometimes handling cousins can be so difficult. Neither did she give a green signal nor a red signal. Stuck at yellow. As the days of vacation were approaching, I was getting more and more impatient. At last……………….. came the … Continue reading Jingle all the way

Going Home

After about 6-7 months, I went home. I was excited. Firstly, because, obviously I will be seeing my family and friends after a long time; secondly, because, its my first experience of travelling by air. Going to the airport and boarding the flight was so fascinating. Even after staying away from home, I have been so close to home that nothing has changed. On entering the airport after the flight landed, I saw my parents. Daddy seemed slimmer. Mom, the same. I thought my home town would seem new to me. But everything seemed the same. I found no changes at … Continue reading Going Home