Not talking to someone

I see a tall, fair, quiet young man almost everyday on my TV screen, mobile screen, laptop screen. He is all over my mind you see 😉 . But I have never spoken to him nor even seen him outside those screens; there is geographical distance and social status difference in between. Still I like him. He is an actor by profession. Only 3 films old in Bollywood career. But I loved his work, especially in his latest film. I never spoke to him. He doesn’t even know I exist. Still whenever I see his films, I seem to connect with … Continue reading Not talking to someone

The Fault in our stars

Truly speaking, i am not good at writing book or movie reviews. Still i am trying. Day before yesterday i saw the film “The Fault In Our Stars”. In my view, this film is the best adaptation of any novel. Whenever I saw an adaptation of any novel, I always found the novel much more appealing. But in this case both the novel (of the same name written by John Green) and the film are equally great. Simply great. The film is as heart touching as the book. The film has that essence of pure love which John Green has … Continue reading The Fault in our stars

EXAMS !!!!!!!

Exam time is no less than a tornado. The world around a student seems to have been caught in a whirlpool. Time seems to fly at 100 kmph. Brain becomes so saturated and is under such a pressure that it seems it will burst out anytime. One seems to have a “breakup” with sleep and leisure only to patch up again after exams are over. Memory power seems to confront an “agnipariksha”, where if it stands strong, it can surpass, if not, GAME OVER, exam becomes a disaster from which no rescue team can save. School/college becomes Hitler’s concentration camp … Continue reading EXAMS !!!!!!!