A Tale of two cities

At the end of every six months, after my semester exams are done, I fly homewards for a 20-day (end of odd semester) or 45-day (end of even semester) break. I fly from Bangalore to Siliguri which takes 4 hours. Around 1900 kilometers journey. Just yesterday I returned from my 21 day vacation. Tomorrow 4th semester begins. New semester, New phase of life. Got to spend six months before I see home. A Tale of Two Cities Continue reading A Tale of two cities

Word of the Week (WOW) 22nd November, 2015

Word of the Week is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. It’s a fun way to learn new words every week. To participate just make a post with your word and leave the link as a comment to Heena’s WOW post. Atelier / noun / atuh-lyey / plural noun: ateliers A studio especially for an artist or designer Synonyms artist’s workroom Origin late 17th century: from French, from Old French astelle ‘splinter of wood’, from Latin astula. For more new words check out Heena’s page Word Treasure Continue reading Word of the Week (WOW) 22nd November, 2015

Writing 101 #6 writing space

I don’t have a specific writing space. All I need are my laptop, One Note or MS Word or WordPress installed in it, or my phone, a fresh, untangled mind and lots of comfort!!!   You can find me in my bedroom, or in the living room, even on a sleepover at a friend or relative’s place.   You may think what a unorganized woman she is. Yes, you’re right.   I tend to find order in disorder. What to do!! Continue reading Writing 101 #6 writing space

Writing 101#5 Hook ’em with a quote

This is what I found two days back on my brand new T-shirt: Though She be but little, she is fierce         – Shakespeare I had always pictured Shakespeare as a male chauvinist. That’s what his plays conveyed to me. But this particular quote however speaks for the women.        I always believe, we women may look petite, timid or shy but we possess the strength to rule the world.        If we can create, we can destroy. If we can nurture, we can rule.        If we can bear the pain of giving birth        Weight of the world … Continue reading Writing 101#5 Hook ’em with a quote

Writing 101 #4 picture story

You know what I see? I see my life, isolated, unknown, mysterious, doubtful. I dunno what’s there on the other end. Now I see a ray of light, next moment, nothing. That’s hope. Now I see it, next moment I can’t. That’s scary. I have no idea what turn life’s gonna take next. Are good times ahead ? Or will the difficulties continue to reign?   Why are you so unpredictable dear destiny? Do you enjoy giving me sleepless nights?   Do you enjoy seeing me weeping? Why? What wrong have I done? Who have I wronged?   Why? Why? … Continue reading Writing 101 #4 picture story

Writing 101 #3 One – Word Inspiration

Home Home is where I can be myself; where I can talk loudly and no one to complain; where I can be sad, happy, angry, depressed, irritated but I’ll never be alone; where I’m loved more than anyone else; where all my wishes and demands get fulfilled; Home is where my mom is Home is where my dad is Home is where everyone I love are Home is where I learned to live Home is where I learned to love Home is where I sowed the seeds of my dreams and ambitions Home is where I made up Home is … Continue reading Writing 101 #3 One – Word Inspiration

Writing 101 #2 – make a list

Things I like — I like collecting. I can’t stop collecting the freebies with my favorite biscuits or cereal or even the McDonald’s Happy meal merchandise. I’m a numismatist and a philatelist. —  I have a thing for miniature objects. I like pens smaller than normal, I have around 4-5 miniature diaries (God knows what I want to write in them). I like babies, I enjoy playing with them. — I like buying and reading novels. Whenever I pass by a book store, I always have a strong temptation to buy at least one – I’m a book addict!!!!! Ummm…. … Continue reading Writing 101 #2 – make a list

Writing 101 #1 – Why do I write?

As the first assignment of Writing 101 course, The Daily Post asked a million dollar question – “Why do I write?” I write because…… There are times when everything goes wrong, and your heart and mind just cannot take the pressure. Also in the flow of venting, you might land up offending your friend or someone from the family. That’s when writing and your journal or blog or your novel become your friends. Your journal/novel or your blog takes in every bit of your emotions, tantrums, nagging. It never complains, it never wants anything in return, all it gives is … Continue reading Writing 101 #1 – Why do I write?