URC 2015 #2 A book released the year I was born

Its a sweet book, a mother-daughter story. The daughter was told throughout her childhood and adolescence that her mother was no more but actually she was in prison, found guilty of murder. Then they meet after about 20 years.The story is basically about how Kelsey (the daughter) confronts the truth about Naomi (the mother), tries to understand Naomi’s point of view about the murder case she was involved in and the reason why she kept her existence a secret, rebuilds her bond with her mother and at last proves to the world that Naomi wasn’t a cold-murderess but had killed … Continue reading URC 2015 #2 A book released the year I was born

URC 2015 #1 A book with love triangle

I am sooo obsessed with vampire fiction, that I started the reading challenge with one such book. And this book suited well with the aforemention criterion Yes, The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall; the sixth book of the TVD series. No points in guessing the love triangle, we all know it, it’s Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle. I sometimes get irritated at Elena’s “love swing” between the Salvatore brothers. But looking at the cover I can understand Elena’s dilemma; had I been given such ravishing choices to choose from even I would have been utterly confused. LOL Jokes apart, I liked the … Continue reading URC 2015 #1 A book with love triangle