The Nerdy Box October Unboxing

My first book box 😊😊😊 This is a Harry Potter themed box. I highly appreciate the effort put into making the box. Thank you
To be bluntly honest, I expected something more in this box. There’s so much in Harry Potter theme (No offense pleaseπŸ˜…). But on the other hand, this is the most inexpensive subscription in India πŸ‘, so there’s that factor coming in.

My first book box, and it’s really special for me.

The sorting hat necklace is unique, till now I haven’t come across this. So thank youπŸ‘πŸ‘.

I got my second leather notebook, so yay!!! It is so cute😍😍😍.

My bookmarks are beautiful with the petronus but what I fear about paper bookmarks is that they get spoiled easily. I hope this doesn’t get spoilt.

I connect with the Marauder’s badge, I’m definitely up to no good πŸ˜‰.

The book Carry On will be my first Rainbow Rowell read, so I’m excited!!!

In all I’m impressed. I opted for a 3 month subscription since the upcoming themes are really interesting and until I get hold of a US/UK subscription service like the Owlcrate or Fairyloot, I’m happy with this. At least we have an impressive book box subscription service in India at such affordable deals.

Hope to get surprised even more in the upcoming months.

P.S. Not only do they have monthly themed box, they also have an annual special box.

The Nerdy Box October Unboxing

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