The Fault in our stars

Truly speaking, i am not good at writing book or movie reviews. Still i am trying.
Day before yesterday i saw the film “The Fault In Our Stars”. In my view, this film is the best adaptation of any novel. Whenever I saw an adaptation of any novel, I always found the novel much more appealing. But in this case both the novel (of the same name written by John Green) and the film are equally great. Simply great. The film is as heart touching as the book. The film has that essence of pure love which John Green has brought out in the book. The filmmakers very beautifully and aptly depicted the journey of the two cancer patients. Every event seemed real, nothing unrealistic. The actors too were really good. They very aptly fitted the roles of Augustus and Hazel and wonderfully carried out their roles. I know my review is not good, not appealing, still i could not stop myself from writing.

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