EXAMS !!!!!!!

Exam time is no less than a tornado. The world around a student seems to have been caught in a whirlpool. Time seems to fly at 100 kmph. Brain becomes so saturated and is under such a pressure that it seems it will burst out anytime. One seems to have a “breakup” with sleep and leisure only to patch up again after exams are over. Memory power seems to confront an “agnipariksha”, where if it stands strong, it can surpass, if not, GAME OVER, exam becomes a disaster from which no rescue team can save. School/college becomes Hitler’s concentration camp and teachers (especially question paper setters) become the Gestapo. During this time, a student may find most number of betrayers. From the day exams starts, one starts planning what to do after exams are over. During exams a student is all devoted to God, spending every alternate minute in praying. You won’t find a more sincere devotee than a student sitting for exams ;).

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