Conversations maybe forgotten……. Memories keep coming back. Whenever I open my laptop, a fresh memory of my past sweeps across my eyes, my mind. Because whenever I open my laptop I get to see my wallpaper, a collage I had made few months back. It has captured all the memories of my school life. School life… The best phase of life. The school building, friends, going school on Saturdays for extra activities, our cat fights, our gossips, every memory flashes before my eyes as soon as I see the collage. 14 years…..So many memories……Sometimes it becomes hard to segregate one event from the other. Looking at the school building, I remember the vague memory of going to school for the first time with my parents for my admission test. I vaguely remember, one of the school staffs came and took all the children away from their parents to the school park. Then I remember our sister Principal ( I was admitted to a convent all-girls school) asking me questions. Then came the first day of my classes. I was waiting with my parents for the school bus. There I saw a cute, fair girl standing quietly clung to her parents’ hands. I remembered meeting her during admission test. Being a talkative, inquisitive kid, I went to her and asked her name. She was so shy that she was reluctant to answer. I, on the other hand, was so irritated at her not “bothering” to answer that I slapped. Yes, I seriously slapped her. In front of both of our parents. From that day on wards, we became closest of friends. The other pictures also have words of their own. Some talk of our fun during extra activities on Saturdays, our crazy hangouts, tuition class enjoyment, our farewell party, our festive madness, our photo-shoots………. Oh!!!! I am going out of words. Too much of flashbacks……. Going dizzy……..


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