Red pill Blue pill

If pills could get us all nutrition, life would have been easier. No need to rise early in the morning, hurrying through the kitchen to make breakfast before heading for work. No worrying about grabbing lunch between meetings and conferences. No worrying about how to maintain an appropriate balanced diet day in and day out because that chore would be done by a couple of tiny colourful pills. Which means, no need to worry about our physique (*flirtatious whistle* 😉 ).


But, won’t we be doing injustice to those poor taste buds embedded in our tongues???? It won’t get to taste the saltiness of cheese, the sweetness of honey and ripe mangoes, the tanginess of lemons and oranges, the bitterness of healthy bitter gourds.


Our teeth would be jobless. The olfactory organs wouldn’t get to smell anything delicious, that stimulates our vagus nerves and get us salivating, what a pity!!!!

The special cuisine of a country or a province becomes a part of its culture, it’s heritage. These colourful diet pills would destroy the world heritage!!!


Pills would make life easier for me, I wouldn’t have to think much about those vegetables I don’t like eating but are healthy, I wouldn’t have a single nutrient deficiency. I would have a perfect body. But I cannot think about not eating food!!! I like dosas and hilsa fish, tandoori chicken and hakka noodles, pizzas and spinach and corn sandwiches, mangoes and strawberries, cheese and paneer.

I just can’t do away with food!!!!!


Red Pill, Blue Pill

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