Lyrebird: Book Review

Lyrebird is a story of a girl, Laura Button, hidden from the world among the wilderness who has a unique talent to mimic every sound she hears; it’s her way of connecting to the world around her. She is discovered by a documentary team who tries to give her an identity in the modern world that she’s been deprived. Laura who wants to come out of the isolation and wants to be near the sound engineer of the documentary team, Solomon, agrees to leave her familiar hills and goes to Dublin to participate in a talent hunt show. She receives an overwhelming from the audience from around the world and show producers alike. She also tastes her share of criticisms too. The story chronicles Laura’s journey into the competitive, unforgiving, modern world.

This book has given me a whole new perspective to the world I too am a part of, there were instances where I was disgusted the way the world operates. Laura’s way of connecting to the world, her perspective did not for once fail to mesmerise me while I was reading the book. We are so busy in our lives that we overlook the intricate details of the nature, of our immediate surroundings.

Laura and Solomon’s relationship is innocent, sweet, passionate and that touched me. 

Bo, the director and producer of the documentary team and also Solomon’s ex, got on my nerves. She doesn’t think how her decisions would affect others. She wants Solomon to support her but she wouldn’t listen to his advice if it’s not in her favour. She wants to do whatever she wants and no one can defy her. Because of her brilliant idea, Laura gets exploited. I don’t get irritated generally by book character but Bo, like her name, is a unique piece altogether. 
Overall reading this book was a refreshing, exotic experience.

My Rating : 4/5⭐

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