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I began 2016 reading challenge hosted by Popsugar  with this book.I was looking for some books that I could read for the challenge. I came across this book on some of the websites and I found appreciative reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. So I gave it a try.

The story begins with a college girl Jacqueline with whom her boyfriend Kennedy wants to break up so that he could see other girls in college. That at a frat shemeets with an unfortunate incident– Kennedy’s sex starved frat brother tries to force himself on her when some random guy comes and beats the shit out of the rapist.Later she realises that her saviour is her classmate Lucas. The story circumnavigates around Jacqueline and the two men she meets — Lucas and her Economics tutor Landon.

After reading the book, I’M IN LOVE WITH IT… A Romantic story is basically the chemistry between the lead couple and in this book, it was bang on!! My heartbeat would speed up with Jacqueline and Lucas’ proximity as if I’m in Jacqueline’s place, dating Lucas (I wish I could 😍😍).
Like Jacqueline I too am head over heels in love with Lucas. He’s a flawless mixture of perfection and flaws. He’s worthy of true love. He has a wonderful physique too. He’s very protective and moving towards Jacqueline (When will I get my Lucas????).
Also, Jacqueline is a very strong character. She’s headstrong, she does not go around showing off her power, she can feel weak at times but she knows to overcome the weakness and get back at the wrong and get justice.

A couple with two strong individuals always keeps me at awe.

This book bravely and aptly puts forth the evil of sexual harassment in the society and how we women should be prepared to protect ourselves through the characters.
The story is dreamy with touches of reality. That’s what I really enjoy.

My Rating : 4/5⭐

Whoever likes to read romance novels, I would definitely recommend this book.

P.S. After reading the book and it’s prequel which is called Breakable, I felt so happy, I emailed Mrs. Tammara Webber and I shared my feelings about the book, especially about Lucas. In reply, she gave a great advice — “Books are a wonderful escape, but they also help us decide what we want from our real lives. Think about the traits you most loved about Lucas, and you can determine to find it in someone real.(Someone kind and protective? Someone who supports your dreams as well as his own? Someone with awesome biceps, haha?) Don’t settle for less, Priya! {{{hug}}}”

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