Swan Song of My Era – Blog Tour – Book Review


TITLE: Swan Song of My Era

AUTHOR: Elsie Swain

PUBLISHER: Okiyoto Publishing

RELEASE DATE: April 13, 2021

GENRES: YA Contemporary


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What happens when Hope Vale, an aspiring Vitiligo make-up artist who wants to eradicate the market of whitening products meets Spes Zrey, an arrogant Hugo-Boss awardee struggling to shape her Designer dream, as they envision reshaping Asia into the next fashion empire together?
Set in Malaysia, this Contemporary Fiction is all about the grueling ambition against all hurdles of reality to break the confinements of Gender and the stereotypes of preferred white beauty in Asia.


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What grabbed my attention first were the title “Swan Song of My Era” and the cover. Both give an otherworldly vibe. But the story is not futuristic or otherworldly. It is about what’s in front of you, what’s inside of you.

I, like many, base my own image in my mind on outsiders’ half-hearted, disinterested, opinion of me. Most of them don’t care for a second about me but I crave their attention, their opinion. And in the process forget about myself, my real identity.

This was pointed out to me by Elsie Swain through her piece “Swan Song of My Era.” Though it’s very difficult to change myself but this realisation was required.

This is why I love reading. When authors like Swain write books like Swan Song of My Era, I feel less friendless. Characters like Hope and Spes make me feel less lonely. Thank you Elsie.

MY RATING 4/5 ⭐️


I am good at being alone and I would rather be

alone than compromise myself and my fears out of

the notion of the fear of loneliness.

Swan Song of My Era by Elsie Swain

Thank you Ukiyoto Publishing and Turn the Page Tours for having me as a host for this tour.

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