Observing a classmate

My friend, I find him a weird character. Too much of a genius, always engrossed in science, but not a nerd. He just hates reading novels. He finds novels “bullshit” (I feel like slaughtering him whenever he says that). He has this habit of clicking random photos while walking. But not of himself or the people who are accompanying him, if any. Of random objects, whatever ‘fascinates’ him. I had no idea of this hobby of his until recently, when we went out for career counselling. The venue was about 2kms from college. And he wanted to walk. I was like “WHAT?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” because I am very lazy. Hate walking, I am pretty much dependent on technology; my physique can very well tell you that. He wouldn’t budge. I had no other choice but to follow because I didn’t know the directions to the venue. Then I noticed him. He saw a flowering tree with tubular orange coloured flowers, click! Then some red flowers, some yellow, some purple. I didn’t know the names of those flowers; I wonder if he did.

The venue for the counselling was a room at the 11th floor of one of the uncountable commercial complexes of Bangalore. On reaching the 11th floor he took one picture of the view outside. Ok, even I liked the view.  After the counselling we thought of roaming around a little before he went back to hostel and I to my aunt’s place. During this short journey, we entered a railway station (he mostly wanted to). And he started shooting the train, the railway tracks; I on the other hand, didn’t even bother to look at the name of the train. I was trying to figure out what his intentions were and was following him, in the fear I might get lost in an unknown place. One of the weirdest thing – while returning he made even a heap of white stones, scattered at the roadside, his model; how crazy. Talking about crazy, I seem crazy to this friend of mine. So actually who is crazy, I have no idea.

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