NajoWrimo Day #1- creative side of me

Dear diary,
I’m not half as creative as my mother, she keeps creating sometimes beautiful out of almost anything and everything.
I’m just awful, I can’t stitch, only the chain style stitch I can somehow do, but it’s turns out a crude work. Even though I took art classes for around seven years, all I can somehow do is anatomy diagrams, that too out of much difficulty. I can paint an already drawn picture but that’s nothing great, right?
My creativity quotient is ZERO. It seems neither side of my brain works efficiently. The only thing “creative” is play around little bit with words and write something but even that’s amateurish. I try writing fiction, but somehow it lacks the X-factor that can grasp any reader’s attention.

I’m so not creative 😒😒😒

My life seems so monotonous, dull, lifeless……

Ok wait…. Is philately and numismatics something creative?? Then voila!!!! I’m a philatelist and a numismatist!!!!!

And again, I have signed up last month for contemporary dance, so now I’m on my way to become a dancer!!!!!

But I still wish I could be like my mother. This makes me miss mom more 😞

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