My first childhood crush


I am always one of a kind. Many a times I react or act in a way that is unique. Many girls and boys in their early teens had crushes on somebody or the other. Many of my friends had crushes on a cute guy in the class, or a handsome senior or their siblings’/cousins’ friends. But I didn’t. I never found any boy around me worth having a crush on. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a crush AT ALL. The first time I had a crush when I was in my sixth grade of school. On whom? On the male protagonist of my then favorite TV show 😅😳

I may sound weird but yes. Most of the time I land up having a crush on some celebrity. So I never can nor will I ever be able to confess 😢
But whenever I see him on TV, I just cannot stop myself from staring my eyes out at him 😳😍

First Crush

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