Yesterday my cousin sisters celebrated their 9th birthday (they are twins, one minute difference). This is the second time I missed their birthday. This time I had to come back for college just one week before their birthday. Wish my holiday could get extended by 7 more days. That’s why felt worse this year.
I had already bought their gifts and left them with my mother. They received it first thing in the morning. As usual they loved it. They always love whatever I give them. Dunno why, they often prefer the ones I already used, especially the older of the twins. Maybe that shows how deep our connection is.
At night I spoke to them over Skype. They saw my face and understood there’s something wrong. They understood I was sad.
The older twin said, “don’t worry, next year if your college starts late, we could celebrate together”. I said, “What if next year also I won’t be able to stay?” You know what she said? She said, “this year I forgot but next year you’ll see us cut the cake over Skype”.

I was surprised by her response. Were they the same kids whom nine years back l used to take in my arms and played for hours together? Were they same kids whom I used to teach how to walk and talk?
I was in a doubt whether angels and fairies exist or not. But now I say, yes they do, and I have two fairies in my life. They are my first cousins by relation, but to me they are no less than siblings. Of all my cousins, they are closest to me. And I guess so am I to them.
It seems they came into my life just yesterday.
Staying with them I learned how to handle kids. I learned to understand them. I learned how to be like them and relive my childhood.
Wish them a happy, fruitful year ahead.
I wish them a healthy mind and body. Hope their all wishes come true.
I would happily take all their grief and give them my happiness.



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