Dharmayoddha Kalki — Book Review

Author: Kevin Missal

Publisher: Fingerprint

Pages: 439


Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and an upsurge in unrighteousness, at that time, I take birth again.
Born in the quiet village of Shambala, Kalki Hari, son of Vishnuyath and Sumati, has no idea about his heritage until he is pitted against tragedies and battles.
Whisked into the province of Keekatpur, which is under the fist of Lord Kali, Kalki sees the ignominy of death trumping life all around him. He learns that he has been born to cleanse the world he lives in, for which he must journey to the North and learn the ways of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar; from an immortal who wields an axe.
But trapped in the midst of betrayals, political intrigue and forces that seek to decimate him, will he be able to follow his destiny before the Kaliyug begins?


The story is engaging, gave me lot of Amish Tripathi vibes, throughout.

Character development, plot development were commendable. Quality of writing is also good but it still needed quite much proofreading, which the publishers have missed even in the new edition.

The length of the book can be intimidating, with 79 chapters, quite daunting but the chapters were short.

The pace of the book was also good. You might not want to put the book down, cause lots of scheming and actions are involved in the entire book, unless you are sick like I was when I picked up the book and this is your quarantine period read.

Rating: 4/5 (I choose to ignore the proofreading errors since I liked the story)

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