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As a part of Walter Book Tour I am posting the review of newly released The Afterlife of Walter Augustus. I had received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank You Hannah for including CrazyKidJournal in your Blog Tour.

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Book: The Afterlife of Walter Augustus

Author: Hannah Lynn

Publisher: Self-Published


Walter Augustus is dead. His current state of existence has become a monotony of sweet tea and lonely strolls and after decades stuck in the Interim — a posthumous waiting room for those still remembered on Earth — he is ready to move on. Only when he is forgotten by every living person will he be able to pass over and join his family in the next stage of the afterlife. At last the end is tantalizingly close, but bad luck and a few rash decisions may see him trapped in the Interim for all eternity.

Letty Ferguson is not dead. Letty Ferguson is a middle-aged shoe saleswoman who leads a pleasant and wholly unextraordinary life, barring the secret fortune she seems unable to tell her husband about. However, when she takes possession of an unassuming poetry anthology, life takes on a rather more extraordinary dimension.


The idea is very interesting. The concept of afterlife and what happens when one dies was very good. But the execution was not as expected. It felt half-baked. The afterlife concept was not dealt with clearly, more definition was required of the interim phase and all the spooky magic. Certain points were confusing. Time-frame transitions were not very smooth. Characterisations could be clearer. The comic timimgs were not so catchy. The episodes were not so engrossing. The author could have played with horror and some comedy to make it more distinct from other books.

It is a short, simple read suitable for almost all age groups but I feel it could be even better.

My Rating: 3/5

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