2015 had it’s own set of ups and downs…
It was a year of experiments, some phases came up in my life…

I took up the Ultimate Book Reading Challenge by popsugar.com. I tried so many new authors, New genres, broadened my reading IQ. (Ultimate Book Reading Challenge 2015)

I went for a trek for the very first time in my life. Though I’ve got bronchial asthma, I managed through my breathlessness to climb up and down a hillock (first time I was aware of the muscles I didn’t know existed, even my buttocks pained, cause I feel hard on my bums twice while descending. I couldn’t even sit the next day).



I signed up for contemporary dance classes. It’s a certificate course offered by my college and I’m loving it.

I met some of my favourite authors and yes for the first I managed to get some signed copies of their novels. (For a bibliophile that matters!!!)




I started writing my first ever novel, “Untold” !! It’s different I didn’t complete it yet 😅. (Sorry the book cover hasn’t been designed)

However, 2015 was scary as well. Just few days after I reached home for summer vacations, there was a massive earthquake recurring for 3 consecutive days, and again after a month, the after shocks still felt. For once, I thought, are we gonna survive this? I’m going back to college to complete my studies? At least I was there with my family at that time. Had I been in college and my family was stuck there, yeah my father would have worried less but I would have been half-dead in fear and concern and anxiety. This happened in the North of India. (Nature’s Conspiracies)

During Autumn, Tamil Nadu, one of the state’s in South India, just a few hundred kilometres from my college town, experienced cyclone for almost a month leading to devastating floods. I didn’t experience it myself but I understand what it is to meet with a natural calamity.

From the dark part of my experiences of the year that just passed, I just wish that such a year never comes back.. Hope the God Almighty will accept my humble request

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    1. Thank you for sharing your 2015 ups and downs Pia. I only started blogging in October 2017 so am learning as I go along. If you visit I hope you can find your way around my long winded article you’re which perhaps says ally about my story telling technique.

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