Writing 101 #1 – Why do I write?

As the first assignment of Writing 101 course, The Daily Post asked a million dollar question – “Why do I write?”

I write because……
There are times when everything goes wrong, and your heart and mind just cannot take the pressure. Also in the flow of venting, you might land up offending your friend or someone from the family. That’s when writing and your journal or blog or your novel become your friends. Your journal/novel or your blog takes in every bit of your emotions, tantrums, nagging. It never complains, it never wants anything in return, all it gives is serenity, a peculiar lightness.

It’s not that only when I’m emotionally low, I write. When I’m on a happy high and I want everyone to be a part of my happiness, I just open my blog and start writing. Sometimes I can express better by writing than by saying.

I don’t use a journal. My blog is my heart, my mind, my listening friend. That’s what drives me to writing….

Million-Dollar Question


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    1. I deactivated blog,create new blog,delete some post,keep it delay because i thought my posts are non sense.but i m not alone.thanks for sharing.:)

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