Writing 101 #4 picture story


You know what I see?
I see my life, isolated, unknown, mysterious, doubtful.
I dunno what’s there on the other end. Now I see a ray of light, next moment, nothing.
That’s hope.
Now I see it, next moment I can’t.
That’s scary.
I have no idea what turn life’s gonna take next.
Are good times ahead ?
Or will the difficulties continue to reign?
  Why are you so unpredictable dear destiny?
Do you enjoy giving me sleepless nights?
  Do you enjoy seeing me weeping?
What wrong have I done?
Who have I wronged?
  Why? Why?
Answer me!!!
  Why are you quiet?
Answer me God damn it!!

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    1. Take a deep breath. This is not your life, not if you don’t want it to be. Stop worrying! Concentrate on your present. You are leading a good and healthy life. Why ruin it thinking all such negative stuff? Why? Everyone has problems in life but your problems should not be your life.

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