My first childhood crush

I am always one of a kind. Many a times I react or act in a way that is unique. Many girls and boys in their early teens had crushes on somebody or the other. Many of my friends had crushes on a cute guy in the class, or a handsome senior or their siblings’/cousins’ friends. But I didn’t. I never found any boy around me worth having a crush on. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a crush AT ALL. The first time I had a crush when I was in my sixth grade of school. On … Continue reading My first childhood crush

Golden Era

If I had to live forever as either a child/adolescent/adult, I would have chosen to live as a child. Childhood happens to be the best phase of one’s life. A child’s life is the simplest of all humans. No complications, no tension, no worries. A child does not know what future is, too busy to sulk about the past. It lives the present and enjoys it to the fullest. All a child needs is food, sleep and lots of love and pampering…. I got a lot of pampering from my parents and my relatives as a kid. And I love … Continue reading Golden Era

Evergreen wish

I just turned 20 yesterday (30th August, 2015). Next year I will turn 21, then 22, on and on and on. As the years pass by, my youth will gradually slip away and someday my skin will be wrinkled 2-3 folds, no teeth, eyesight will be poor, my back will bend. I will be weak, lean, always needing someone’s help. Noooooooooooo. I don’t want this. NO. NEVER. Had the fountain of youth existed, I would have drank the water when the clock struck midnight the day I turned 16. I wish I could remain 16 forever….. Forever Young Continue reading Evergreen wish

Chattergy and Chattergy

Had my neighbor on the plane/bus/train been a chatty person, I would have been on alert for some time, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Some stranger trying to be too friendly. But once I’m convinced he/she is harmless, I may join in the ramble, cause I’m a talkative person as well! So maybe he/she could turn out to be my new bff, after all our existing friends we also strangers once upon a time 😉 Middle Seat Continue reading Chattergy and Chattergy

Sweet 16!!

I was in my tenth grade of school the year I turned 16. It was my last year in my heaven (I changed my school in eleventh grade). The sixteen-year old me was carefree, impulsive with short temper. Talkative!! My teachers were tired of complaining to my parents. I was a rebellious kid. I was enjoying life. Enjoying school which was is in a festive mood that year as we were celebrating its 50th anniversary. The thing about me that I wish I could have changed was my short temper. The thing I wish hadn’t changed is my carefree nature. … Continue reading Sweet 16!!

My town Siliguri

I belong to a small town in the state of West Bengal in India. Named Siliguri. It’s on the foothills of the Darjeeling hills. It’s like any other Bengali city, but Siliguri isn’t as advanced as the capital city Kolkata. When I was a kid, the city didn’t have malls, multiplex movie theatres, clubs, or five star hotels. No discotheques even. Swimming pools were only in the two most luxurious three star hotels. The guests and members and people who subscribed for swimming training classes could use. The fees for training was high and the hotel is away from the … Continue reading My town Siliguri

Red pill Blue pill

If pills could get us all nutrition, life would have been easier. No need to rise early in the morning, hurrying through the kitchen to make breakfast before heading for work. No worrying about grabbing lunch between meetings and conferences. No worrying about how to maintain an appropriate balanced diet day in and day out because that chore would be done by a couple of tiny colourful pills. Which means, no need to worry about our physique (*flirtatious whistle* 😉 ). But, won’t we be doing injustice to those poor taste buds embedded in our tongues???? It won’t get to … Continue reading Red pill Blue pill

Observing a classmate

My friend, I find him a weird character. Too much of a genius, always engrossed in science, but not a nerd. He just hates reading novels. He finds novels “bullshit” (I feel like slaughtering him whenever he says that). He has this habit of clicking random photos while walking. But not of himself or the people who are accompanying him, if any. Of random objects, whatever ‘fascinates’ him. I had no idea of this hobby of his until recently, when we went out for career counselling. The venue was about 2kms from college. And he wanted to walk. I was … Continue reading Observing a classmate

Curious Case of……. Literature

When birthday comes and it’s time for gifts, I want nothing but books. Birthday has become an excuse to buy new novels, to experience new story with the new year of my life. Only a week left for my birthday, and here I am in a bookstore to buy myself birthday gifts on behalf of Mom and Granny. You know, one of the biggest problems with me is, whenever I enter a bookstore I am so confused about which book to buy, which book to select, which to reject. There are those vampire fictions which I haven’t read yet and, … Continue reading Curious Case of……. Literature

My first kitchen experience…

Last month, suddenly Ma’s health deteriorated and was immediately hospitalized. Daddy and I decided till she completely recovered we would employ a chef. That day, Ma was getting discharged and that day itself the chef decided not to turn up. Daddy was at hospital since early morning. It’s only me at home. What would Ma and Daddy have for lunch? I didn’t know how to cook. Had it been breakfast, I could have managed. But lunch? I didn’t want to give them any trouble. I somehow had to prepare something edible and I prayed to God that my dish doesn’t … Continue reading My first kitchen experience…