Living online

About 15 to 20 years if someone is said to live dual lives, people would think he has got a multiple personality disorder. But in recent years, almost all of us live dual lives – a real life and a virtual life.

In our real lives, we are what we actually are, with are innate qualities, traits, physique, personalities. Real life is controlled by Fate, Destiny.

Virtual life is controlled by oneself. We give ourselves our desired traits, qualities, personalities, physique. Everything about oneself can be altered with just a click. Some people even change their genders too without undergoing any of those expensive sex-change operations!!

Last month, when my laptop had been sent for servicing and I had to complete an assignment, my sweet brother allowed me to use his one. That day, he had forgotten to sign out of his Facebook account. I had developed a habit of checking my Facebook account whenever I use a laptop or a mobile phone. When I clicked on the web address, the browser automatically opened his account. So, for the next few minutes, I had full control on my brother’s Facebook account!!! (Evil laugh). First I checked his friend list. He had around 500 friends!!! I wonder how many people he actually knew. Then I moved on to his inbox (villainous laugh). There were not many conversations. But there was one conversation which had 1,2,……,5,….,10…….Uncountable messages. It was his chat with his dumb girlfriend!!! I just cannot stand her. Just at that moment, she messaged my brother. Right now….it’s me! I had real fun harassing her to the fullest. And poor my bro, his girlfriend was thinking he was insulting her. I really pitied him. Later I deleted the conversation, signed out and unsuspectingly slipped off (I have no idea how he later managed the situation. Who cares?). For one and a half hour I successfully took on the garb of my brother.

Even I faced a similar incident as my brother. One day I opened my Facebook account to find my new message. I opened it to find it was from a family friend. This didn’t surprise me. What gave me a shock was the conversation. I had never messaged this friend before, so how there were around 50 messages in the chat?? All the messages that were sent from my account didn’t even make any sense. All nonsense comments on the friend’s profile picture of an actress. Even my friend was utterly confused. It was obvious that my account was hacked. So first I sent an apology message to her and then I immediately deleted my account. Sometimes having an account on a social networking site can also be troublesome!! Very troublesome.

Hero-worshiping or in general celeb-worshiping is very common among us. We all admire some famous personalities or the other. These personalities are also humans. They too have Facebook or Twitter account. Now, these celebs seem to be very busy. They have no time at all for using these accounts of theirs. But they have to show they too love their fans and acknowledge the fact that these fans are keen at interacting with them. So, they handover their social networking site accounts to their P.A.s. So one of my friend’s aunt happens to be the P.A. of a famous personality. She has this social network handling job as one of her chores. One day she was really busy with too many tasks to be completed in a single day. So she gave this friend of mine to handle the Facebook account for a day. My friend got so excited; she came running to my house and told me about it. I smelled fun in this venture, so I joined her. We uploaded some wall post that the owner of the account wanted to be uploaded. Then we got plenty of messages from fans. They ask all sorts of weird questions. We decided that we tell people, that the celeb is temperamental and we answered weird questions even more weirdly. For a day we got to put ourselves into the shoes of a star. Super fun!! (Grin)

I would say, if you are not satisfied with your real life, don’t complain. Create your own virtual life. And have fun!!

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