Love is in the Air

Rhea and Vishal. Childhood buddies. There’s nothing that ever separated them. Right from their childhood, be it the biggest of secrets or petty things like a pencil, they shared everything. They knew each other so well as if they were one soul. They successfully broke the stereotype that a girl and a boy can never be friends.

With time our perspective towards life changes. Kids, they don’t understand anything more than friendship. Everything is simple, no complexities at all. But as one grows, life becomes more and more complex. There are social complexities, emotional complexities………. in short, there are endless number of complexities.

That’s what had happened with Rhea. She all of a sudden had a feeling that there was something more than her and Vishal. She fell in love (Now there came a complexity. Life had turned a simple, chaste relationship into a complicated one). Now, she was confused whether she should confess or not. She thought not to. But then, she never hid anything from him. The secret was making her restless.

It was Valentine’s Day. With the typical timing came the typical preparations on our lady’s behalf for the big moment. When she at last confessed, this was the reply— “When have you started getting carried away by those silly, dumb girls, Rhea ?? You know love is bullshit, its short-lived. Why do you want to ruin our precious friendship ??” Holding her by the arms, he continued, ” Look Rhea, you are the most special person in my life after mom. I have feelings for no girl, trust me. You just throw off this “love” thing from your mind. Forget anything like this had happened and move on”. He kissed her on her forehead. “ok, now i have to rush for football practice. bye.” He left. Leaving her behind. Hurt. Disillusioned. Heartbroken.

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