Writing 101 #3 One – Word Inspiration

Home Home is where I can be myself; where I can talk loudly and no one to complain; where I can be sad, happy, angry, depressed, irritated but I’ll never be alone; where I’m loved more than anyone else; where all my wishes and demands get fulfilled; Home is where my mom is Home is where my dad is Home is where everyone I love are Home is where I learned to live Home is where I learned to love Home is where I sowed the seeds of my dreams and ambitions Home is where I made up Home is … Continue reading Writing 101 #3 One – Word Inspiration

Love is in the Air

Rhea and Vishal. Childhood buddies. There’s nothing that ever separated them. Right from their childhood, be it the biggest of secrets or petty things like a pencil, they shared everything. They knew each other so well as if they were one soul. They successfully broke the stereotype that a girl and a boy can never be friends. With time our perspective towards life changes. Kids, they don’t understand anything more than friendship. Everything is simple, no complexities at all. But as one grows, life becomes more and more complex. There are social complexities, emotional complexities………. in short, there are endless … Continue reading Love is in the Air

10 books that have changed/inspired me

My Facebook friends had challenged me to write the name of 10 books that have changed/influenced me. I successfully completed the challenge. I thought I should share with my blogger friends too. So the list goes: 1. David Copperfield (Charles Dickens)- I had read this book for the first time in fifth standard. This was the first book that gave me an insight about life, the reality. 2. Love Story (Erich Segal)- I love reading romance. This is one of the reasons why. 3. Till the last breath (Durjoy Datta)- My first experience of a medical drama and it was … Continue reading 10 books that have changed/inspired me