My first kitchen experience…

Last month, suddenly Ma’s health deteriorated and was immediately hospitalized. Daddy and I decided till she completely recovered we would employ a chef. That day, Ma was getting discharged and that day itself the chef decided not to turn up. Daddy was at hospital since early morning. It’s only me at home. What would Ma and Daddy have for lunch? I didn’t know how to cook. Had it been breakfast, I could have managed. But lunch? I didn’t want to give them any trouble. I somehow had to prepare something edible and I prayed to God that my dish doesn’t worsen Ma’s health. I opened the fridge and found chicken that Daddy must have bought yesterday evening. I planned to simple chicken curry and rice. I took the chicken out to find it had hardened like stone and I didn’t know the thawing technique. I soaked it in normal water for some time, nothing happened. I called out to neighbour-aunty and asked her what to do. I carefully followed her instructions- first I washed the chicken with tap water and then soaked it in lukewarm water for some time. This revived the initial condition of the meat. Then I mixed the meat with garlic paste, onion paste, turmeric, salt, chilli powder and lightly fried in oil. But still I found the meat hadn’t cooked properly. I didn’t know what to do so I transferred the meat to the pressure cooker. After two-three whistles, I carefully opened the lid to find that my chicken was overcooked; the flesh had separated from the bones.
At lunch I served my parents overcooked chicken and not-so-properly cooked rice. Both quietly giggled looking at the food. They felt a little guilty too for leaving me all alone. Ma promised me that she will not give up until I learn to cook and will make a good cook out of me.

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