Word of the Week 22nd March

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firebrand • \FYRE-brand\  • noun
1 : a piece of burning wood 2 : one that creates unrest or strife (as in aggressively promoting a cause) : agitator

First use: 13th century
Synonyms: demagogue (also demagog), exciter, agitator, fomenter, incendiary, inciter, instigator, kindler, provocateur, rabble-rouser

Did you know?
The original firebrands were incendiary indeed: they were pieces of wood set burning at the fire, perhaps for use as a light or a weapon. English speakers started brandishing those literal firebrands as long ago as the 13th century. (Robinson Crusoe held one high as he rushed into a cave on his deserted island and saw “by the light of the firebrand . . . lying on the ground a monstrous, frightful old he-goat.”) But the burning embers of the wooden firebrand quickly sparked figurative uses for the term, too. By the early 14th century, firebrand was also being used for one doomed to burn in hell, and by 1382, English writers were using it for anyone who kindled mischief or inflamed passions.



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        1. Hi Priya. Your blog is looking great now – so much better with your posts on different pages. Well done!
          Yes, I have written the first two novels of my trilogy and am writing Book 3 at the moment (when I’m not on WordPress, that is!). They are historical fiction and are basically Viking stores, set in the 9th Century in King Alfred’s time. They are shown in the side bar on my blog.
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    1. I really like this word, Priya. I can feel alot more sympathy for a character referred to as a firebrand than one called an agitator. Firebrand gives much more of a sense of passion. 🙂

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