The First Trillionaire — Book Review

The First TrillionaireThe First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha

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P.S. I had received this book in exchange for an honest review.

The storyline sounded interesting. But where’s the sense in sidelining the main plot and filing the book with unnecessary backstories of characters who are not even important in the plot? Why would anyone be interested in the history of hired assasins or the sidekick of a gangster? What is the need in knowing how an immigrant turned into a mafia, when the main plot is supposed to circumnavigate around a village girl who becomes the world’s first trillionaire? Minimum 10 pages is dedicated to the protagonist’s maternal uncle and his NASA research ventures. I mean, seriously?

Here the protagonist is kidnapped, there’s hardly mentions of her conditions. I would rather read more pages and chapters about the protagonists rather than not so important elements

The main focus should be on the main plot and the main characters — the protagonists and the antagonists and the detailings should be to enhance the plot and not sideline the plot.
The book just tried to test my patience. I read 70% of it. And I’m just deleting the ebook from my kindle.

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