Pishacha — Book Review

The story is about a demon, who did not get peace in his human life that couldn’t be obliterated even after his death – – unrequited love, ambush, betrayal – – didn’t let him gain salvation. He’s back for his lady love, who obviously does not remember him after her rebirth, and also for revenge.

The plot is quite interesting – – though it’s quite common in Indian cinema – – rebirths, love triangles, mysterious locations, fantastical stories are so Bollywood – – but the book wasn’t stereotypical or superficial like our cinema tends to be.

I was quite a dilemma, whether I should abhor the Pishacha for the evil that he is or I should empathise with the man who suffered in life and also in death.

It was a creepy, mysterious, saddening, a little scary read.

This book has multiple sub – plots. Stories with more than two sub plots have a chance of getting messy. But I’m this book, the author has obliterated intricately handled all the strings and all the ends were timely tied at the end.

Rating: 4/5⭐

P. S. I would like to thank my Kaffeinated Konversations boss Kavita Singh for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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