Secret Tails – Book Review

Secret Tails by Aaditya Sengupta Dhar


What do Noah’s Ark, Hanuman, Columbus’ voyage to America, the French Revolution, Flying Saucers and the fall of Hitler all have in common? 

The answer may surprise you. 

All of these events and many more in our history have been influenced by the residents of a land which lies hidden in plain sight. These residents are animals- not just any animals, but intelligent creatures, who speak and have technology more advanced than any known to man. 

This land lies shrouded in myth and mystery. Its history has never been told to human readers before this book. 

A land called Shungiland. 

Secret Tails: Shungilandian History for Humans is a book unlike any you may have read before. A book for young kids…written by a young kid! 


First of all, hats off, loads of respect for the author. In the age when we were busy doing homework or making mischief, here is this cute little kid with a big, wide smile is a published author. I am an adult and I am still lazing around and just “hoping” to write a novel someday.

The book is short with short interesting chapters. This book is very ideal for beginners because of the simplicity in writing and style. It is best for young readers below the age of 10 as the imagination behind it quirky and cute that children will enjoy.

My Rating: 4/5

(from the perspective that it is purely for children)

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