Like most of us, I too have some phobias. Most prevalent was my fear of darkness. This fear was unknowingly instilled in me. As a kid, whenever there would be a power cut, I would wander around house in the dark. Controlling me would be difficult, so our landlord’s sister used to scare me with stories of monsters that linger in the dark. From then on I was scared of darkness. As I grew up I realised there’s nothing called monsters but still there was this fear lingering around my psyche. I needed night lamps while sleeping. Even I’m in deep sleep and the lights go off, I somehow could sense it and would wake up out of fright. This went on for around 14 years. Yes, 14 long years….

When I was in tenth grade of school, we at last shifted to an apartment of own. I at last got a room how I wanted it to be. My first night in my new home. As usual I switched on the night lamp and went to bed, but couldn’t sleep. The room seemed too bright for me to sleep. I switched off the light. My father came running from his room and asked, “why did you switch off the light?” I answered, “the light’s too bright”, ” will you be able to sleep or shall I call your mother? ” “I think I can, there’s the street light outside”. He went back, still feeling doubtful. I lied down and the next I thing I remember my mother calling me to wake up. From that day on, I don’t feel scared of the dark, wherever I may be.

Phobia, Shmobia

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