Nature’s conspiracies

How much ever daredevil one tries to be, no one has enough courage to face death. No one wants to die. At least not by a terrible accident. In old age when you are chained down by disease and disabilities, its easy to face death because at that stage only death could cause all pains and sufferings to subside. But none wants a death by accident.

It’s a universal truth, we humans can do anything. But we can’t fight fate and nature. Nature happens to be a shrewd conspirator, just like us……..

Today when I opened my eyes, I thought it would be like any other cloudy day. The something new in it was that today for the very first time I cast my vote. After my responsibility towards my city was fulfilled, I went off to meet my childhood buddy who lives just a few yards from my house. I met her after 6 long months. It was hardly 15 minutes I was there when my friend said “Is the sofa shaking on its own or are you shaking it?” I said,” If the sofa is shaking why isn’t the table?” At this her mom scolded her saying,” If you don’t eat, not only the sofa, the entire world will……. O My God!!! It’s an earthquake!! Run!!” Everyone rushed towards the door. We stopped for a moment, hoping it would stop in a few seconds, because tremors are common in a high earthquake zone like our city Siliguri. But no; instead the intensity kept increasing. We literally ran down the stairs and went to their garden, knowing full well that it wouldn’t help much because the garden is small clustered with huge jackfruit trees, the trees were likely to fall on us. The quakes went on for about 2 minutes. I was worried for my Mum, who was recovering from her post-surgery complications. I was worried for my Dad who wasn’t at home. I was worried for my little cousins. I was really very worried for my maternal Grand-dad whose body was paralyzed on the left side. I wanted to rush home after the quake stopped but i couldn’t. My limbs were shivering with fear. And at times of need, technology is generally found to lie lame. If I could make one call, 50 other calls went disconnected. I could speak to Mum once. Got to speak with Dad. Couldn’t get to Granny so I called my maternal uncle instead. Then I rushed home, saw for my own eyes that everyone was safe, even Dad had come home by then. Made 10-20 calls to make sure our family and friends were safe.

Yes, the earthquake was massive with around 7.5 Richter scale magnitude and Lamjung at Nepal as epicentre. There were around 22 casualties in our city. But our neighbour Nepal is in a huge mess. Around 17 after shocks, over 800 people have lost their lives. Buildings and roads devastated. Even Bangladesh experienced the quake with similar intensity which isn’t common there.

Now and then memories from 18 September, 2011, when there was a 6.8 Richter Scale earthquake, kept flashing back. There were similar moments of panic, fear of death, worry for our loved ones, similar scenes of devastation.

I don’t understand what is in Nature’s mind, what conspiracy is she planning against us ??? I don’t see “ ecological balance ” in such devastation.

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    1. I had no idea where in India you lived until I just looked SIliguri up, Priya. You are a close neighbour of Nepal’s, so I suppose you woud feel the quake as well. Like most people, my thoughts are with all those affected by this awful natural hazard. Twenty two casualties in your town is bad enough. Nature can be very cruel and I really feel for those who live in areas that suffer any of these devastating events.I enjoyed reading your post and I’m glad that you are safe.

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