NajoWrimo Day #4 my door signs

Dear diary,
     After today, if any body who passes by my room, would get to see this


I’m a lazy drone, a spoilt kid actually. Always too lazy to keep my belongings in order. My room isn’t dirty mind you, you won’t find dead rats (not even alive ones) or rotting food or stinking clothes. I’m hygienic you see. It’s just haphazard. Clothes are clean, but not properly folded, worn clothes may be on my chair rather than on a hanger. Books and papers never stay in a clean stack or only on the table but they are strewn on my bed as well. So the statutory warning.

Even after the warning if someone does enter, will get to see my vampire-themed sign hanging from my study table drawer. (I’m a vampire-fan so there should be some vampirism reflecting from my room as well, right?)


You get to enter does not mean you get to touch my drawer, drawers meant for stuffs that cannot be shown to others or those that need protection. So no touching. Only exception is my mommy dearest, she gets access to everything that belongs to me.

And this on my books closet, the closet that has all my precious novels


Those who love books like me can get access BUT only with my permission

That’s all for today

P.S. sorry for the monochrome pictures, I could manage only this much. Pardon my deficiency of creativity

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