NajoWrimo Day #3- conversation with my mental critic

Dear diary,
            Today i had a conversation with my mind, didn’t get any profound solution to my problem but still it was good have a talk

Mental critic (MC): hey what’s up?

Me: Don’t YOU know what’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be in my head all the time?

MC: umm yes, but isn’t that what you say everytime you meet a friend? If you meet same person twice in a day you ask the same question twice

Me: Whatever 😒

MC: Didn’t you just sign up for NajoWrimo? How’s it going?

Me: Umm… Good enough. Though I have exams knocking at the door, I take out some time to write

MC: You and journal writing? Different

Me: Yes, this year I am doing things which I haven’t done before. You tell me how am I doing it? You are my personal critic right?

MC: Hmmm….. Not bad… But you should keep trying to improve, somehow there’s something missing that stops your piece from being unique and entertaining.

Me: But what am I supposed to do?

MC: That’s for you to find out. I’m your mind not any expert, my expertise evolves with you, I’m not standalone, remember?

Me: 😞😞 I dunno who can help me out.

MC: You keep persevering and follow your heart when you write, ask your friends or professors for feedback

Me: Hmmm.. I guess you’re right

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