I’ve noticed that I most of the time do something or the other to embarrass myself or the people around me, mostly being the people around me. My parents think whenever I speak in public, it’s only to embarrass them or ruin their reputation in the society.
My friends get embarrassed because I speak (unknowingly) loudly or because at times I speak my heart out without thinking.
Some think I use a fake girly tone of speaking, just because I’m expressive when I speak.

Why is it when I speak, it becomes a nuisance? But if the same set of words are used by somebody, that becomes a part of some conversation?

Why do I have to face so much of injustice? Why?

Could anyone please give me an answer?


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    1. Those who think you are fake are certainly jealous of you.
      Those who think you to be embarrassing for them cannot handle your bold personality.
      Better to walk the crowd alone than to walk with the ones who are ashamed of walking with you.
      Do not feel inferior, let others feel that. I am loud too, I am straightforward and for this reason people hate me. But you know what?
      People are scared of my boldness and my attitude bcoz they know they can’t win against Me. I have made myself loud and clear in front of them that I am not them, I am me.
      Don’t be let down girl,
      You are you. Beautiful You.

    2. Maybe it’s because they are jealous of you. Or maybe they want to be like you, but are too scared to do that.
      Don’t worry so much about what people say, or do. Just be yourself and live the you want. At the end, no one gives a f**k anyway.
      Have a great day!

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