Bangalore or Bengaluru

Thanks to my english professor that you find me writing this prompt. It’s been only one and a half years since I came to Bangalore. Just after I few months I arrived, officially the city’s name changed to Bengaluru.
Bangalore sounds fancy, the name sort of reflects the city’s cosmopolitanism.
But Bengaluru sounds quite traditional. Actually, that’s what the government wanted. Kannada speaking state capital should sound Kannadiga.
The people wanted the name changed for a long time, it was Bengaluru for them since quite some time.
But I wasn’t here then. What I see now, whether it’s a cosmopolitan Bangalore or a traditional Bengaluru, I have got no idea.
I believe the city is quite traditional. I mean, look around, wherever you see you’ll find Kannada writing on every hoarding, every sign, along with English. I have never seen so much Bengali in my place!! Neither did I see in any of the cities I’ve been to up north. People here seem to prefer being connected to their roots.

P.S. I noticed something else as well. Bengaluru has Bengal (my home state) in it 😉. No wonder there are so many Bengalis here

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    1. At least Bangalore has got bi-lingual sign boards. Go to’s fat worse, the freaking state has everything in Malayalam..buses to hoardings..every damn thing

        1. The stats say that…it’s a whole different thing when you live with them. People speak..some do but it’s basically the and orange English!!!

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