The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad — A Review

My rating4/5

The author, Twinkle Khanna, is known to be a witty, funny, opinionated lady.  That’s what one can find in this book. To me she is somewhat Chandler Bing. This book is a collection of four stories. All of them are based on issues that people do not much talk about, and do not dare to venture into.

The first story is about a girl, Lakshmi Prasad, who, for the welfare of the girl child started a ritual of planting 10 mango trees everytime a girl was born. The second story is about a 68-year-old lonely widow who falls in love with her 50-ish year old yoga teacher and is bold enough to be in a live-in but platonic romantic relationship. The third story is about a commitment-freak woman who marries multiple times but at the end prefers living alone and ultimately meets a tragic end. The fourth story is about a man who loves and cares for his wife so much that he passionately takes it on his head to solve his wife’s menstrual flow management and goes to manufacture sanitary napkins at affordable rates (this story is based on real-life event).

The characters are head-strong, unbashedly feminists and they’re unconventional. I love Mrs. Khanna’s writing. Some of her choicest words put me into splits of laughter–describing someone’s figure like a “coke-a-cola bottle”, or usage of some hindi words in between like “chakar”, “harami”– how Indians generally talk. Like her first book, “Mrs. Funnybones”, this book was a total entertainer. Once you start reading, you can’t stop till you reach the last page.



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    1. This sounds like my kind of book! I don’t think I would have found it if I hadn’t stumbled upon this review! Thank you so much for putting this book out there and for your insightful discussion of it! 🙂

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