The Last House Guest – Book Review

About the book

Title: The Last House Guest

Author: Megan Miranda

Publisher : Simon & Schuster

Date published : 18 June, 2019


The story starts off with a summer party and our protagonist Avery gets the news of her best friend Sadie’s sudden death. Avery cannot accept Sadie’s demise as suicide and sets off to find clues about what must have happened that fatal night at the party when she was not noticing.

I expected it to be spooky and twisted like Miranda’s Come Find Me but it wasn’t so twisted. I read this after a major reading slump so it took me time to get hooked. The beginning was on and off for me but gradually I got hooked to the mystery.

I liked the to and fro transition between the past and the present which can be quite confusing if you’re not paying attention. I fell into the trap in the first half which prompted me to buckle up in the next half.

Though it was not as dark as I expected, I could not put it down nonetheless.

Rating: 3.5/5 🌟

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