Writing 101 #3 One – Word Inspiration

Home Home is where I can be myself; where I can talk loudly and no one to complain; where I can be sad, happy, angry, depressed, irritated but I’ll never be alone; where I’m loved more than anyone else; where all my wishes and demands get fulfilled; Home is where my mom is Home is where my dad is Home is where everyone I love are Home is where I learned to live Home is where I learned to love Home is where I sowed the seeds of my dreams and ambitions Home is where I made up Home is … Continue reading Writing 101 #3 One – Word Inspiration

Sweet 16!!

I was in my tenth grade of school the year I turned 16. It was my last year in my heaven (I changed my school in eleventh grade). The sixteen-year old me was carefree, impulsive with short temper. Talkative!! My teachers were tired of complaining to my parents. I was a rebellious kid. I was enjoying life. Enjoying school which was is in a festive mood that year as we were celebrating its 50th anniversary. The thing about me that I wish I could have changed was my short temper. The thing I wish hadn’t changed is my carefree nature. … Continue reading Sweet 16!!