Something Needs Bleeding — Book Review

Something Needs Bleeding is a compilation of few of late Thomas Singer’s last works, complied by Christopher Long.

The stories are of the Horror genre, my first horror read. Each of them were thrilling, creepy, I wouldn’t say I scared out of my wits (thank God! else I would’ve lost my sleep after those late-night sittings) but yes, they freaked me out. The twists and turns had a lot of surprise elements, though I needed many sittings to finish this, I wouldn’t say I was bored.

There were introduction of  few pages at the beginning of each story, where Christopher Long gives us an insight about Mr. Singer and his personal connections with the stories and the characters. At few instances the introduction did act as a mild spoiler for me — but… reast asssured, none of the climax or the important elements were spoiled.

Thomas Singer’s works were concluded with an unprecedented confession from him, which is the ultimate answer as to why he chose to write Horror genre. You might judge him but I felt a little honoured that he chose to first disclose his darkest secrets to his sincere fans.

There was also a bonus story, penned by Christopher Long, which was equally commendable, unpredictable, creepy and thrilling.


My Rating: 4/5


 P.S. I had received an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

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