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** I have received an e-ARC of this graphic novel from the publisher**


Everyone has a secret. Hers can get her killed and she doesn’t even know what it is.

She was born with no parents and no name. Fighting to survive in a world of danger and intrigue is nothing new to i Rose who lives by her wits on the streets of New York, but after discovering that she’s being targeted as the descendant of someone world famous who she’s never met, i Rose realizes that life is about to become even more complicated.


It took me some time to get a hang of it. The beginning was a little here and there — Some random card game, a girl disguised as a man, a train suddenly blows up, a unicorn masked man, the aforementioned girl is a vigilante in the eyes of the cops, parrol officer — it took time to make sense out of it. Gradually, things started to make sense and the plot gained momentum, but just then, The End. I am like, “Am I missing something? How is it the end now?” But it was it. I hope the sequel is out soon.

iRose is quite of a tricky character to understand, that’s the highlight of this book. Generally females are typecasted and highly predictable.

I really want to read more of Sherlock Holmes-Irene Adler affair.

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    1. Thank you for the review.
      I used to read but of late a book takes longer to finish.
      Reviews like yours should get me back on track

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