Glitter and Gloss —  Book Review



Misha is a make up artist who, after a series of mishaps and twists and turns, falls madly in love with Akshay who reciprocates her love with ardour. The only hitch in this perfect romance is her prospective sister-in-law who thinks Misha is everything a Bahu shouldn’t be: garrulous, geeky, gawky, gainfully employed (especially the last bit). The questions is will Misha win Didi (and the Kha-Pee Panchayat) over with her Stepford Wife Act? Will she continue to be the poster child for the inherent evils of the Bahu Brigade? Or will she learn to ‘lau’ herself before the whole world and its wife can do the same?


After reading big, fat, action-packed books back-to-back, this was a good break. A quirky, funny, filmy and truly Indian story with all the drama. It’s a perfect lazy summer Sunday read.

I laughed my heart out at the author’s choicest of words, the common Hindi words and punchlines, Bollywood references. The critics would say, with scrunched up face, “Hindi in supposedly English writing! Hmph!” But I had a good laugh with the quirkiness.

Misha is somewhat like me, saying before thinking, not that much, but yeah, I connect to her. I like her.

The male lead, Akshay, is so dreamy!! 😍 Why don’t I get somebody like him? Just saying 😅😉

My Rating: 3.85/5 🌟 

P.S. I received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. A big thank you to the author.

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