Drink Me – Book Review

Drink Me by Nick Perry and Paul Rosser

Author: Nick Perry, Paul Rosser

Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group – Rock Point

Pages: 144

Format: ebook


Great adventures often start with a drink—including Alice’s expedition down the rabbit hole, which began with a sip of a curiously labelled tipple. Drink Me invites you to do the same; learn how to mix 20 cocktails that will fill you with wonder and childish glee at the surreal flavor combinations, while amassing the perfect selection of drinks for your own spirit-soaked Mad Hatter’s tea party.

We have delved into the depths of the Pool of Tears in search of the most magical ingredients and sumptuous flavors, and after some sage advice from a helpful caterpillar, have compiled a list of recipes that would be regularly enjoyed by the inhabitants of Wonderland.

Drink Me includes concoctions for every palate and occasion, no matter your drinking predilection. Perfect pre-dinner aperitifs are in abundance, including The Queen of Hearts, a sweet, refreshing drink with bitter undertones, and Painting The Roses Red, a bubbly highball of sharp raspberry and gin flavors, softened with a hint of rose water.

We explore the hallucinogenic properties of Absinthe in our ode to the unknown, The Mushroom,a strong mix of aniseed, rose, and complex herbal flavors, while we reminisce over the taste of our childhood with drinks such as Bread and Butterfly Pudding and the Unbirthday Cake Martini. The Duchesses Soup is a refined take on the punch bowl, while we make a refreshing palate cleanser in the form of The Caucus Chaser, a sticky plum and chestnut sharpener low enough in alcohol that you can greedily gulp it without even a hint of regret.

Drink Me includes everything you need to know for throwing your own Alice in Wonderland–themed cocktail party, including cocktail party advice and techniques for mixing and decorating your drinks.

Put on your Cheshire grin and get ready to head down the rabbit hole with your copy of Drink Me in hand.


I loved the concept. Bookish cocktail recipes are perfect for book club meets.

Though the title says Drink Me, the cover as a whole gives the enticing feel of ‘Read Me’.

The Book is colourful, standing true to the Alice in Wonderland theme, the fonts are nice and stylish.

This is almost a Beverage 101 guide with a quirky, funky style.

It has a clear description of different types of beverages, especially alcoholic beverages and liqueurs, the accompaniments, the equipment required for setting up a home bar, the different processes involved in cocktail preparing. This forms the part I of the book. That was really really insightful for someone like me who knows literally nothing about beverages and bartending. The writing style was also really cool and quirky and fun.

A snapshot from the ebook galley

Part II of the book has the different cocktail recipes with a brief introduction of the iconic episodes in Alice in Wonderland that has inspired the cocktail. The names given to the cocktail was very innovative to me. All the recipes were inspired from such episodes which I could have never imagined that a cocktail can be inspired from it. That was brilliant.

Cocktails with tea was a very very new idea to me, being from a family who’s into the tea business.

The book is very pretty design, fonts, cover. It will be great to have the hardcover of it on my shelf.

The only grievance I have is that there could have been more detailed illustrations that could help inexperienced readers better. There could have been photographs of the end result cocktail to give us an idea what it should look like.

Rating: 4/5

** P.S. I have received this e-ARC through NetGalley. A sincere thanks to the publisher and NetGalley

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