Among History, Literature, and Cinema

It was the first weekend in Kolkata after Diwali break. I was just back from home, still homesick. I had to make that Saturday less sad. I headed out in the autumn dry heat of the city I have now come to live in.

It was a view to behold when I stepped out of the cab and looked at Rabindra Bharati Museum. Once upon a time, it was the birthplace and primary residence of the great Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Staring at the ancient Bengali architecture, awestruck. Mesmerised.

Apeejay Bangla Sahitya Utsob at Rabindra Bharati Museum
Rabindra Bharati Museum – Jorashanko

I went there not only to view the local history but also enjoy regional literature and cinema. I was invited as a blogger to cover the fourth edition of Apeejay Bangla Sahitya Utsob (Bengali Literature Festival). Viewing the historic venue itself made my heart fill with gratitude towards the management of the festival for inviting me to this beautiful place for a beautiful event. 

Apeejay Bangla Sahitya Utsob 2018

The event was a three-day affair, but I could make it only one day, sob story of an private sector job holder.

It had been a long time I had opened a Bengali book, my bad, I admit it. After the event I am making up for it

Mukh dheke jay biggapone by Sankha Ghosh

I came across some great authors, poets, filmmakers, musicians whom I had seen earlier on TV, newspapers, magazines, and sometimes book covers. You can imagine, how starstruck I was. 

I was particularly attracted towards one discussion session, which I had reached in time for. The session topic was “Adaptation of Bengali Literature in Bengali Films. The dais was adorned by renowned journalist Alokprosad Chattopadhyay, actor-filmmaker Sudeshna Roy, and director Pompy Ghosh Mukherjee, and producer Atanu Roy Choudhury.

 Alokprosad Chattopadhyay, Sudeshna Roy, Atanu Roy Choudhury, and Pompy Ghosh Mukherjee
(L-R) Alokprosad Chattopadhyay, Sudeshna Roy, Atanu Roy Choudhury, and Pompy Ghosh Mukherjee

It was a healthy, insightful, discussion. I got a glimpse of what goes behind filmmaking, the Bengali film industry. This discussion also answered a long troubling that I had in my mind that why book adaptation films are not like the books, and I am glad these knowledgable dignitaries did answer the question and now I can be more receptive of book adaptations.

It was a day well spent among like-minded people, among heritage and culture.

I can’t thank enough to the management of ABSU for having me in the media team. Hope to be there next year too.

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    1. Sounds wonderful Pia, such an honour and hope the experience helped to reduce your being homesick.
      Seems a long time since Future Learn & please accept my apologies for not visiting your blog for such a long time. Hope you are well, take care.

        1. Thank you Pia. It is just I do not like to promise I will message later & then break the promise.
          I am now further along my blogging learning curve. 🙂

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