Hey there!!!

I am Priya (I prefer Pia, though), a crazy bibliophile, Proofreader, Beta Reader, Short Story Writer, Philatelist and Numismatist.

I always dreamt of being a part of book making process. And here I am. 

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  1. Hi Priyanka. Thank you for following me, although I’m not sure whether we follow each other already. I follow a blog called Priyanka – not Priyankalovingly. Is this a second blog for you? I’m glad you’re doing Heena’s WOW challenge. 🙂

          1. I’ll do that with pleasure, Priya. It takes a while to get used to writing posts. I’ve only been doing this for seven months myself, but you will soon get to know how it’s done. We all make mistakes to start with. Just have fun with it and have a go. Good luck with it all. Millie 🙂

  2. Dear Priya,
    My name is Lady Byrd, and my poetry book, “No One Listens,” has just been published in both paper back and ebook on Amazon. Given that you are one of the top reviewers I am interested in, I would love for you to review my poetry book.
    “No One Listens” is a book of poems and thoughts. It expresses life experiences of a young poet coming into her truth. Expressing deep emotions such as joy, humor, despair, and heartbreak. Finding the beauty and pain that comes with words.
    If you are interested in reviewing this content I would gladly send you an ebook.
    Thank you for your time,
    Lady Byrd

  3. Hi Pia,
    Nice to meet you here following our recent conversation on Future Learn.
    Hope you can access my blog now.
    Take care & enjoy your studies 🙂

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